Increasing Educational Opportunities for San Juan Capistrano Students!

Welcome to Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano, a tuition-free program providing academic enrichment opportunities and support for over 330 highly motivated, underserved middle and high school students so that they can realize their potential to excel in high school and graduate from college. Nearly all Breakthrough SJC students are from low-income backgrounds and will be the first in their families to go to college.

Breakthrough SJC is also designed to encourage talented high school and college students to pursue careers in education by serving as Breakthrough teaching fellows.  Breakthrough teachers are outstanding and passionate local high school and college students from around the country who mentor, motivate and inspire their students to succeed.

This dual purpose nurtures the importance of education and nourishes educational opportunities and success at all student levels.

Breakthrough SJC, one of 25 affiliates of Breakthrough Collaborative throughout the nation, is the only site in Orange County. The program recruits highly motivated, underserved sixth grade students who must apply competitively for the program and make a six-year commitment upon acceptance.  Breakthrough then uses a rigorous six-week summer program, year-round tutoring, a bi-weekly In-Session tutoring program, and counseling and support to help our students overcome obstacles and prepare for college success. Breakthrough SJC was founded in 2006 as a service outreach program by St. Margaret’s Episcopal School.  Breakthrough SJC’s first class graduated high school in 2012 with 65 percent enrolling in college upon graduation. Breakthrough SJC has now graduated five senior classes and will continue working for a day when all students can go to college and end the cycle of poverty.