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Students Walk in 56th Annual Swallow’s Day Parade

“P-O-W-E-R We Got the Power ‘Cause We Are the Breakthrough Crew”

Saturday morning over 30 students chanted their favorite Breakthrough cheers while walking in the 2014 Swallow’s Day Parade. Students and staff were honored to be a part of the “largest non-motorized parade in the nation!” For those unfamiliar with the event, Swallow’s Day is hosted by the San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association and consists of a full day of festivities that show off the rich culture and unique character of this great town. The Swallow’s Day Parade is part of the larger, Fiesta de las Golindrinas, or Festival of the Swallows and tied to the return of the swallows to the Mission of San Juan Capistrano.

Many Breakthrough students walked in support of other community groups they are involved in including, Ballet Folkorico Capistrano, Marichi for All, and La Danza del Chenelo. All in all, the event was a great success and we are already looking forward to next year!

Breakthrough at City Hall!

Breakthrough students, parents, and supporters packed City Hall March 18th for Breakthrough’s presentation in front of the City Council. Director, Lorena Martinez, expressed the need for programs like Breakthrough in the community and reminded City Council of the incredible potential to make a profound impact on our youth.

Breakthrough student and Capistrano Valley High School freshman, Natalie Garcia, also spoke on behalf of the program Tuesday evening. Natalie’s success showcases the effectiveness of Breakthrough’s philosophy. Breakthrough invests in highly motivated 6th grade students by providing academic enrichment and supplemental support to help students stay on the college bound path. We are proud of Natalie and all our Breakthrough students’ accomplishments and look forward to many more to come!

One San Juan resident approached the group after the presentation to comment, “I’ve lived in San Juan for over 40 years and have never heard of Breakthrough! I’d love to get involved in any way I can!” We are constantly reminded of San Juan’s wonderful spirit of volunteerism and generosity. Our work would not be possible without the support of these community members, thank you to all who continue to support the program.

Special thank you to the San Juan Capistrano City Council for the opportunity to speak at the meeting.