Why Breakthrough SJC

Breakthrough15.1684While roughly one of every two high-income students in the United States will graduate from college, only one in ten of their low-income peers can say the same. Strikingly, even low-income students with above-average test scores have a college graduation rate lower than more affluent classmates with lower test scores (National Center for Education Statistics). Regionally, only 30 percent of socioeconomically disadvantaged students in Orange County graduate high school with the A-G courses needed to apply to public colleges in California.

Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano is determined to reverse this trend. As one of just a handful of organizations that works with the underserved population of San Juan Capistrano, we are passionately working to end inter-generational poverty in our community. A college degree can end poverty in a family line forever (Bureau of Labor Statistics). We realize the stakes are too high for anything other than an extraordinary effort. Through rigorous summer and school-year programs, we increase educational opportunities for motivated, underserved students so they can realize their potential, excel in middle and high school, and be the first in their family to go to college.

During the summer, a supportive community sustains Breakthrough seventh through ninth grade students on their path to college. We work hard to not only avoid the all-too-common “summer slide,” but to accelerate our students’ learning over the summer. Students engage in academically rigorous coursework taught by high school and college students from across the country that attend prestigious universities such as Brown University, Dartmouth College, UC Berkeley, and Columbia University. Teaching Fellows receive intensive teacher training and ongoing support from mentor teachers, who are professional teachers from local schools.

By serving both students and teachers, we ensure that we are addressing the educational needs of low-income communities both short-term and long-term. All students deserve access to a great education, excellent resources, and a pathway to college. At Breakthrough SJC, we aim to make this a reality for every one of our students.